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While all the saints are alike in their profound love for God and neighbor, they differ profoundly in just about everything else:  some were poor, others rich, some beautiful, others not so; some devoted to the elderly, others to children.  In short, they were and are an incredibly diverse lot.  Like all of us made in the image and likeness of God, they were each of them distinct.  An original. 

Chris Opalenik of Greenfield, MA, his wife Cindy, and her sister Susie McCrea have launched a new business apostolate designed to bring the originality of the saints back into the homes of America.  Their product line is called, appropriately enough, Original Saints ™ and features beautifully-crafted dolls that can be a meaningful gift for all ages and genders and attractive enough to be the centerpiece of a home shrine or display.

The inspiration for the endeavor was just that, an inspiration.  On Nov. 1st, 2002, Opalenik was having difficulty sleeping.  Not only is Nov. 1, All Saints Day, it is also his birthday.  Saying his prayers, particularly the Hail Mary, over and over, he began to dwell on the fact that “you really don’t see a lot of the Virgin Mary other than in church” and thought “how great it would be if we had something for all ages in the house.”  From there he was inspired with the notion of creating dolls as a gift-giving idea to help spread the faith.  In recognition of his original inspiration, their first prototype was of Mary, Queen of All Saints.  “I do feel that I was inspired by her,” says Opalenik.

Having acquired a talented artist Mark A. Dennis, who will produce all the prototypes going forward, November Partners is optimistic about their prospects.  Mark is a master craftsman who specializes in intricate detail.  His brothers Richard and Michael have also contributed their talents to the project, Richard as photographer and Michael as graphic designer/marketing consultant.  Noting the three family members working with the three family members, Chris laughs.  “That’s the three and three working for the three,” he says, referring to the Holy Trinity.