Our Lady of Guadalupe
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Beautiful sculpture from any angle. Costume, accessories, and stand with nameplate included. Faces full of character. Exquisite detail in the hands and accessories.
History of Our Lady of Guadalupe

In 1531, the Blessed Mother appeared at Tepeyac, Mexico to a peasant named Juan Diego. She told him she was the Virgin Mary, Mother of the True God and that she wanted a Teocalli (church) built in Tepeyac. She said, "Here I will show my compassion to your people and to all people who sincerely ask my help in their work and their sorrows." She told Juan Diego to go to Tenochtitlan (what was to become Mexico City) and tell the bishop her request.

The bishop questioned the validity of Juan's story. Before his last visit to the bishop, the Blessed Mother sent Juan Diego to pick flowers from the mountaintop and fill his tilma (traditional blanket-like cape). He found Castilian roses growing in December and filled his tilma. He visited the bishop and let the roses fall to the ground. It was not the roses that assured the bishop but the beautiful image of the Blessed Mother, imprinted on his tilma. The Blessed Mother's request was soon granted and millions visit the site and continue to invoke Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Patronage: Mother of the Americas and the unborn.

Feast Day: December 12

Our Guadalupe is 17" tall, with cast-resin hands, feet and head. She is a soft-bodied wire armature doll with authentic clothing, and hand-painted eyes. She is on a wooden stand with a plaque bearing her name.
A prayer card is included, as is a care tag with information about our artist,
Mark A. Dennis

Some posing and placing of accessories required.  The photos are of the actual product. Your results may vary somewhat.